Friday, June 19, 2009

My So Called Awkward Life

Accidental Nudity:
So I have this problem of accidentally being nude when I shouldn't be...

In high school my senior year prom I was skipping with a friend when her watch got caught on my strap and she yanked thinking it was my arm and I was topless on the dance floor.

The next summer I was a camp counselor and went off a water slide in a tankini and the pressure from the drop left me topless in front of twenty kids ages seven to twelve.

One day I woke up in my bed naked only to find an entire crew of construction workers outside my window.

Last night this great tradition continued. I was heading to the gym to go swimming. I was in my swimsuit and had oversized work out pants on. The combination of lycra on lycra resulted in my pants falling down as I was walking to my car. Luckily I was in an alley way.

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